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Praise for The Legendary Mo Seto

The Legendary Mo Seto

Twelve-year-old Modesty (Mo) Seto was born to become a martial arts movie star. Not only is she a black belt, but she has also watched every single one of Cody Kwok (her favorite martial arts movie hero)’s films and memorized all his incredible moves. So, when she finds out about the open auditions to star alongside Cody in his next film, there’s no way she’s not auditioning…right? Wrong. There’s a height restriction for the role and Mo is nowhere near the cut-off. Other kids might have given up, but not Mo. She may be small, but she is fierce (at least that’s what she tells herself), and she won’t let anyone stop her from achieving her dream. Too bad achieving a dream this big isn’t easy. Not only does she need to figure out how to grow five inches overnight, and fool everyone at the auditions, but she will also be competing against her nemesis, Dax. How far will Dax go to win, and what tricks does Mo have up her sleeve that might give the smallest martial artist the biggest advantage? Join Mo on an adventure (and audition) of a lifetime and find out if powerful things really do come in small packages!

Aladdin Books / Simon & Schuster

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